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Connecting You With the Help You Need

Ok To Talk helps you find the right psychologist for your needs, whatever they might be.
It’s the fast, easy and completely free way to put yourself on the path to mental health and wellness.​

How does it work?

All you need to do is spend a few minutes telling us a bit about who you are, what you’re struggling with and what type of therapy you’re looking for. That’s it. We’ll take the reins from there.

We find you a psychologist who is…

Experienced in helping
people like you

Local to your area


Suited to your preferred
therapy style

Wondering why you should see a psychologist?

Therapy is statistically the most effective way to overcome mental illness. Studies have shown that the average person who seeks treatment from a psychologist is better off than 80% of people who don’t get treatment.

Our service connects you with a psychologist who is suited to your needs so you can get the best help available.

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For psychologists

Ok To Talk connects you with clients who already love your work and feel confident in your services. With us, you will…

  • Be matched with motivated clients in your areas of experience.
  • Reduce your no-show and cancellation rates.
  • Keep your client attendance on track until they reach their goals.
  • Maximise your positive outcomes and reduce relapses.
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