But unfortunately, 3.7 million Australians are suffering from a mental illness that could be made better with the help of a good psychologist. So what’s stopping them from getting the treatment they need? Well, there are a few things…

Choosing a psychologist is a hit-or-miss process. This is simply because most people don't know what they should look for in a psych. Because if this, people who need help aren’t finding therapy that suits their needs.

The progress  that someone sees in their therapy sessions isn’t always maintained or built on between sessions. This makes it hard for people to experience a noticeable difference in their mental health long-term.

Minor problems between therapy sessions can quite easily spiral into major ones. Without an effort to continue building a client's progress between sessions, they might feel as though the therapy isn't working and give up.

We're making a difference...

By simplifying the process of selecting the right psychologist for you, our aim is to make it easier to find effective, professional help.

Powered by predictive analysis of both clients and psychologists, our service analyses the past success or failure of treatments to help determine the way forward. Not only this, but we track how well the treatment meets the objectives of clients, carers and GP’s, and provide personalised monitoring of mood, exercise, homework and triggers.