child anxiety

What to Do if Your Child is Anxious About School

For children, anxiety and stress can be very present at the beginning of the year. As school starts up again, kids can feel worried about meeting new people and being separated from parents. It goes without saying that no parent wants their child to experience these difficult emotions, which is why it’s important to know […]

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mental health care after disaster

How to Protect Your Mental Health During a Disaster

When we’re confronted with sudden, life-changing events such as natural disasters, our mental health can suffer. In these situations, it’s normal to feel shock, stress, sadness, anger, guilt, helplessness or anxiety – regardless of whether you are directly impacted by the disaster or not. While you might already have a lot on your plate to […]

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Save time and trips to the doctor

Don’t let your treatment get delayed by unnecessary trips to the GP for paperwork. Hopefully your doctor is a trusted ally in your mental health journey. But life is busy enough without spending time and money doing things you don’t have to do. Here are some things you might get told you need, but you […]

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Understanding ‘Burnout’

We all get tired sometimes. After a particularly busy week at work, or maybe towards the end of the school semester. Usually the weekend or a short holiday can make us feel better. But some of us are feeling exhausted all the time, and no amount of rest seems to help. This is called ‘burnout’, […]

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