Understanding ‘Burnout’

We all get tired sometimes. After a particularly busy week at work, or maybe towards the end of the school semester. Usually the weekend or a short holiday can make us feel better. But some of us are feeling exhausted all the time, and no amount of rest seems to help. This is called ‘burnout’, […]

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mental illness support

How to Find a Psychologist for Your Friend

Mental illness affects one in five Australians. This means that most of us know someone who lives with a mental health condition. Maybe it’s your best friend, or a co-worker, or perhaps even a parent. Whoever it is, knowing how to help them can be tough. While your love and support are super important, helping […]

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The OkToTalk Story

I started this service because when I needed mental health support, to get on top of my depression, it was a ridiculous struggle. It took about 6 goes before I found a therapist who could understand me, offer useful suggestions, and help me work within my own values to change the way my life was […]

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A Guide to Getting Through Panic Attacks

Did you know that around 5% of Australians will experience panic disorder in their lifetime? For those affected, panic attacks can take a real toll on their overall wellbeing. These bouts of anxiety can feel uncontrollable and unpredictable, making them even harder to live with. The good news is that with the right information and […]

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How Ariel Kaplan Overcame Her Eating Disorder

Please note: This blog contains detailed information about disordered eating. This may be confronting for people who have experienced this type of illness. Eating disorders affect approximately 16% of the Australian population – and yet these mental health conditions are still widely misunderstood. Actress and personal trainer Ariel Kaplan knows this all too well. Having […]

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