​Support for coping with COVID-19, free or heavily subsidised

​Professional mental health ​help by phone ​or video ​from the comfort of your home​.

Trusted and accredited psychologists ​offering bulk-billed ​and Medicare-rebated Telehealth sessions​. 

Connect with a caring professional to help you look after your mental health.

Are you dealing with stress, anxiety or sadness surrounding the recent outbreak of COVID-19? This is a tough time for many people all over Australia, and we want you to get the support you need.

The Australian government is providing Medicare-supported ​psychology sessions ​by phone or video. This means you can access affordable therapy from the comfort of your own home.

To make finding a Telehealth psychologist fast and easy, our free service matches you with an experienced professional suited to your particular needs.

Let's find you a professional who can help you with your mental health.

OkToTalk is a free therapy matching service. We ask you what you need, then show you recommendations for great psychologists who can help your specific situation.

You can look through the options and choose a therapist yourself, or we have friendly staff who can help you with questions or tricky situations.

Our recommendations are based on feedback from people who have gone before you. This way, you know you're seeing a great professional who matches your needs.

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How can therapy help you deal with the

​psychological effects of the ​pandemic?

There are many ways that you can be affected by COVID-19, even if you haven’t fallen ill with the virus. ​In such an uncertain and stressful time, difficult thoughts and emotions can ​arise. ​No matter what you’re feeling or how you’ve been affected, therapy is the most effective way to take care of your mental health.

You might want help with:

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • ​Coping with the loss of a job
  • Adjusting to working from home
  • ​Managing stress or sadness
  • ​​Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Dealing with fear and worry

If you have experienced any of these issues, a therapist can help. ​They provide a safe space for you to express how you’re feeling. ​They'll teach you techniques on how to cope with difficult emotions.

As someone affected by the ​coronavirus pandemic, a therapist can help you with:

  • ​Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ​Stress
  • Anger
  • Coping strategies
  • ​Life adjustments

We asked the questions you want answered...

​Can I afford it?

Right now, many people don’t have much money to spend on therapy. That’s why the government’s Telehealth initiative is offering up to 10 Medicare-supported therapy sessions per year for vulnerable people.

Our service helps you find the right professional for your needs quickly, easily and affordably. By choosing from OkToTalk's network of psychologists, you can get effective therapy ​that you can afford.

​What's telehealth?

​With Telehealth, you can talk with a psychologist by video link or phone call, no matter where you are throughout Australia.

For each session, all you will need is an internet connection and a phone, smart device or computer with a webcam.

This makes it simple and safe to get mental health help even if you’re self-isolating or in quarantine.

​What did other people think?

​To help you choose the right psychologist, we ask people to leave feedback after every session.

By reading about other people’s experiences, you can find a professional who suits your particular needs.

Think of it like asking a friend for a recommendation, ​only easier.

No matter your questions, we have answers. Read all the details on each psychologist's profile.

Find the right psychologist today in 3 easy steps:


​Tell us about yourself

Let us know a bit about your situation, then answer some questions to help narrow down what you need from a psych.


​Choose from recommendations

We'll make personalised suggestions based on what you've told us, so you can find a good option in a matter of minutes.


​Get in contact

Send an enquiry message, book a free phone consultation, or make an appointment with your chosen therapist.




​Alex - ​QLD

"Thank you so much! I can't believe I didn't find this earlier! It's been so helpful!"

​Quinn - ​VIC

"​Very happy with ​​OkToTalk for cutting out all the crap and making a good match"

​Kelly - ​NSW

"R​eally appreciate ​this, ​I've finally found a good match after a long hard journey"

​Actual client ​quotes. Names changed for privacy.

​What To Look For

When you're finding a great psychologist, look for these things to help you:

Session ratings

​Check under each psychologist's name to see if their session ratings are available.

​These ratings help you understand how helpful each psychologist has been for other people.

​Coronavirus symbol

A coronavirus emoji ? on a psychologist's profile means they are offering bulk billed Telehealth sessions ​under the coronavirus programme.

You can access up to 10 of these sessions completely free of charge​.

​Psychologist information

​Every psychologist in our network has their own profile, where you can find details about their experience, therapy style, training and particular areas of interest.

​This way you can get informed and ​choose a professional who suits your needs perfectly.

​What is OkToTalk?

OkToTalk helps hundreds of Australians each week find effective mental health support. We aim to take the guess work out of therapy by connecting each person who uses our service with a professional who suits their specific needs.

We know that the ​COVID-19 pandemic​ has deeply ​affected the mental health of ​people all around Australia.​ ​No matter what your particular situation may be, we're committed to helping you get back on track.

​The OkToTalk team ​has first-hand knowledge of how effective therapy can be in overcoming mental health issues. On top of this, we're profesionally qualified to provide you with the best support possible.

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​All our psychologists are trained, qualified, and ​accredited by​ the Australian government. They use only evidence-based treatments whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical trials. Their strict privacy and confidentiality standards are backed by a legally-binding code of ethics.

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