Psychological support when you’re not eligible for Medicare

If you’re not eligible for Medicare, maybe because you’re a tourist or temporary resident, here are some ways to get psychological support while you’re here.

Pay full rate

You can see any psychologist of your choice without having to visit a doctor first. It’s going to be pricey, because you’ll have to pay the portion of the fees that Medicare would usually cover. You do have the option though.

Check with your travel insurer

The Australian government expects all visitors to have travel insurance. It’s a condition of some visa types that you have it. So get your money’s worth by asking your insurer what they can do for you. Long-term travel insurance, the sort that’s designed for temporary residents, will often give you something.

Check out NewAccess

NewAccess is a six-week psychological coaching programme for people with some mild mental health issues.

If any of the following are causing you to feel unhappy, moody, angry or unable to concentrate or sleep NewAccess could be right for you: work stress or uncertainty, change in living arrangements, new parent worries, family problems, health concerns or uncertainty, long-term isolation or loneliness, financial worries.

If that sounds like you, contact them to check eligibility.

Aged 25 or under? Go to Headspace

If you’re a young person visit Headspace for online counselling, or go to one of their centres for in-person support. They have services for people who don’t have Medicare.


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