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​Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, or asexual? ​Do you need a psychologist to support your mental health?

​Let's find you someone who understands your life, and meets your other needs as well.

​OkToTalk is a matching service. We ask you what you need, then show you recommendations for great psychologists.

You can look through the options yourself, and we have staff to help with questions or tricky situations. Our recommendations are powered by feedback from people who've gone before you.

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​Is LGBTIQA+ ​your issue or just ​​a fact?

You might be looking for a LGBTIQA+ therapist because you need support in that area. Therapy can help you with any of these things and more:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Dating and relationships
  • Sex stuff, sex-related shame or anxiety
  • Coming out
  • ​Discrimination, bullying, harrassment
  • Starting and maintaining PrEP
  • Gender identity
  • Gender dysphoria

Or, being LGBTIQA+ might just be a fact in your life. Maybe you want help with something else.

If that's your situation, it makes sense to want a LGBTIQA+ welcoming psychologist. They'll be able to understand your background quickly and then work on what you want to work on.

The most common things people get help with:

  • ​Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • ​Self-esteem
  • Emotions
  • Life in general
  • Negative thoughts
  • Anger
  • ​​Coping and support
  • Strategies
  • Self-understanding
  • Work
  • Grief and loss

We asked the questions you want answered

​How welcoming are they ​really?

​Do they understand my life and my community?

Do they know my words or am I going to be awkwardly defining terms?

Are they trained and up-to-date about sex, sexuality, and gender issues?

Is there even a place for me to pee without being misgendered?

​Have they lived my life?

If you want to see a therapist who's gay, lesbian, or somewhere else on the LGBTIQA+ rainbow, we support that. 

Sometimes you need to talk to a therapist who can relate to you through lived experience.

So all our psychologists can tell us whether they identify professionally as LGBTIQA+. If that's something you need, you'll see it on their profile.

​What did other people think?

People who find a psychologist through OkToTalk can give ratings and feedback after each session.

​​So when you choose a therapist through ​us, you know they've helped people like you before. 

It's like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend, without the tricky conversation.

You want answers, we got answers. Read all the details on each psychologist's profile.

Find the right psychologist today in 3 easy steps:


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"Thank you so much! I can't believe I didn't find this earlier! It's been so helpful!"

​Quinn - ​VIC

"​Very happy with ​​OkToTalk for cutting out all the crap and making a good match"

​Kelly - ​NSW

"R​eally appreciate ​this, ​I've finally found a good match after a long hard journey"

​Actual client ​quotes. Names changed for privacy.

​What To Look For

​When you're finding a great psychologist, look for these things to help you:

Rainbow ​symbols

A rainbow emoji 🌈  means that this psychologist is welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQA+ people. 

The twinkling stars ✨ show a psychologist who also has specific training and experience, and has taken steps to provide a safe and inclusive environment. 

Session ratings

​Check under the psychologist's name to see if their session ratings are available.

If they are, you know that people have been consistently satisfied with this psychologist across a large number of sessions.

Profile information

​Look under the LGBTIQA+ heading of a psychologist's profile to see specifics of their training, experience, and environment.

Find out what they can do to support you​ and create a safe, productive space to improve your mental health.

​About OkToTalk and RainbowConnect

​OkToTalk helps hundreds of people each week get connected with mental health support. We hear a lot about what's working for people and what they're struggling with.

We know ​it can be challenging for LGBTIQA+ people to find a psychologist who creates a welcoming and inclusive space for their mental health issues. ​So we ​adapted our service to meet ​your specific needs​.

​​​Staff here have lived experience with being LGBTIQA+ and mental health issues in general, in addition to their psychological training and qualifications. We needed this service, it didn't exist, so we built it.

​RainbowConnect ​was developed in consultation with LGBTIQA+ people, interested psychologists, and ACON.

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​All our psychologists are trained, qualified, and ​accredited by​ the Australian government. They use only evidence-based treatments whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical trials. Their strict privacy and confidentiality standards are backed by a legally-binding code of ethics.

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