Self Care on Your Smartphone: MoodMission App Review

MoodMissionToday I’m reviewing MoodMission. This is an app created by Australian mental health professionals that aims to help you when you’re feeling low, anxious or stressed.

There truly is an app for everything – so it makes sense that mental health care is finding a place on our smartphones. With a huge range of self-care apps to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones will offer genuine support through hard times.

I’ve been using MoodMission for a while now, and I’m going to tell you what it is exactly, what’s good about it, and what I think they could improve. It’s free to download, so click and give it a try if it sounds good to you too.

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What exactly is MoodMission?

MoodMission is a free app that allows users to learn effective methods of dealing with mood and anxiety problems they may be experiencing. By choosing your current mood – for example, ‘low’ or ‘anxious’ – the app will determine which ‘missions’ will help you improve your state of mind.

The techniques may seem surprisingly simple. But while there are options such as sitting in a park or going for a walk, don’t be fooled. Each approach is evidence-based and proven to help lift the mood of those who complete them.

This is perhaps what sets MoodMission apart from many of the other mental health and wellbeing apps available today. Their approach is backed by research that its users can rely on.

Off to a good start…

As I started looking through the app, I was impressed with the range of techniques it offered. I first chose the option that put my mood at neither low nor anxious. It then presented five suggested tasks including ‘clean your room’, ‘a short jog’ and ‘watch a funny video’.

I chose the funny video and, admittedly, felt as though I was almost cheating. After all, I watch funny videos all the time. How effective could this possibly be at curbing my feelings of depression or anxiety?

After finishing a five-minute video of animals discovering mirrors, I marked the mission as ‘complete’. Then I was prompted with two simple questions about my mood. To my surprise, my state of mind had seemed to shift. I was feeling more at ease and less on edge than before I started.

Even better, most other missions on the app seemed just as fun and convenient, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

There were options like taking a walk in a nearby park, repeating positive phrases or taking part in one minute of light physical activity. These tasks are a reminder that when you’re down, short periods of fun activity are great for your wellbeing.

I realised that MoodMission would be useful for those times when I was in need of self-care but felt too busy or stressed to prioritise it. With this app, all I would need to do is take a few minutes out of my day no matter where I was.

Are there any downsides?

While MoodMission offers plenty of benefits, there is one issue that might deter users from getting started. When I first opened the app, I was asked to complete a series of surveys to unlock its missions. With six surveys taking 5 minutes to complete each, I realised it would take 30 minutes to access the app.

The surveys are definitely important for measuring your mental state and feelings of wellbeing. However, I feel like they put the app’s impressive features somewhat out of reach.

The verdict

MoodMission definitely offers accessible and effective self-care methods. In a world where mental illness is common, the app educates and encourages techniques that help to manage them. If you’re prone to depression or anxiety, it’s certainly worth a download. You may just find your new favourite self-care technique.

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