What An OK-sign Selfie In Your Newsfeed Means

Have you seen an #ItsOkayToTalk selfie in your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feed?  Thousands of Australians have got behind a viral campaign to promote conversations about suicide and mental health.

The campaign began when UK rugby player Luke Ambler posted a selfie making the ok-sign, encouraging men all over the world to open up about mental health issues, after his brother in law took his own life suddenly and without warning. He tagged some mates and asked them to do the same.

Since then, Australians have joined in the worldwide campaign to make it ok for men to talk to their mates, their family, and professionals about their mental health.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 – 44, and three quarters of those deaths are men. Most men aren’t talking about their mental state with anyone, according to the Black Dog Institute. #ItsOkayToTalk is about ending the feelings of stigma, shame, or embarrassment that might be stopping men from talking about their problems.

It’s not just men joining in, either. Plenty of women have joined in to show their support for mental health conversations and men opening up about suicide.

(Images via Twitter/Instagram.)