Get More Clients for Your Psychology Practice

​Ok To Talk connects you with clients who suit your therapy style and experience. It maximises your outcomes and allows you to help more people more effectively.

Why us?

Just as we understand what a client needs in order to benefit from seeing a psychologist, we also understand what you want for your psychology practice...

More client enquiries

We have clients coming to us every day ready to overcome their mental health issues. That means you have more client enquiries coming in and greater ability to keep your calendar as full or open as you need.

Reduced cancellation rates

The matches you receive through Ok To Talk are engaged and ready to get professional help. By matching them with the right therapist, they will be getting effective therapy that suits their needs - making them less inclined to cancel appointments or drop off altogether!

Market your reputation

We only want to match our clients with the best professionals throughout Australia. When you sign up with Ok To Talk, your reputation means something not only to us, but to our clients who can see that you’re highly reviewed.

What you'll need...

  • General registration with PsyBA
  • Use of outcome measures (such as ORS or SRS)
  • Identified areas of effectiveness
  • An in-depth interview

Why is Ok To Talk a great solution for clients?

Millions of Australians struggle with mental health issues every year - we know that, and we know you do too. Therapy is the best way to overcome these problems, but finding a psychologist who fits their needs is often a struggle for many consumers. When they come to us, they are connected with a professional who is well-suited to guiding them through their mental illness. It makes the process simpler, less confusing and, most importantly, maximises their chances of receiving positive outcomes from their sessions.